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Why Beaded jewellery?

Jewellery tastes are as wide & varied as the jewellery available and it often surprises me what different people prefer over what my own ideas are with a make, especially a Commission piece.

So what appeals to you and why? I'd love to hear from you if you've strong opinions either way (or not!). Personally I'm ironically not a big jewellery fan full stop, and rarely wear much other than one of my necklaces as my piercings closed to earrings some years ago when I was ill & never wore them. And I don't like wearing bracelets much neither! And on top of that I was equally never a beaded jewellery fan either so how I've ended up making such is a bit amusing. But the type of beaded jewellery I didn't and still don't like is the type I never make and that's strung necklaces and elasticated bracelets. Now I'll make them if asked to but they're not my personal choice of design.

You'll quickly spot from both the name of the site & the pieces I've made that I'm more into the

intricate glitzy statement style - the more complex it is to make the better in my eyes as I love a challenge. However, if you are into jewellery and have never really bothered much with beaded either, here's a thought for you. Many people are allergic to the various metals used in much of the "cheaper" jewellery and some stop wearing pieces altogether or switch to more expensive 925 silver items. However, many beaded items are made with beaded toggle clasps which mean no metal at all and if not available on a piece, could possibly be added in at a later point. I'm hoping to create a whole allergy free line if I can for just that reason.

Another good reason to consider beaded jewellery is the lack of tarnishing that you get endlessly with metal of any kind, even sterling jewellery. And certainly if you want something unique and head turning, some beaded items offer a lot of versatility. So why not buy something that takes your fancy and have a try with it to see whether it's the right fit for you. Or if you've an idea what you'd like, but can't see anything on the site - check out the Gallery for other items I've made that aren't currently on site, or just email me your thoughts & I'll let you know if I can create you something - one thing I can guarantee it won't be overpriced!!

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