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Repairs available.

Do you have a favourite jewellery item that's broken or could otherwise do with a bit of an update perhaps? If it's beaded especially or in some other cases, I'd be happy to have a look at it, and assess whether it's something I could repair for you.

n the first instance fire me a photo showing clearly the full item and then a close up of where it's broken. If you'd like changes made to some of the beads - perhaps you have a necklace or bracelet with predominantly purple beads and while you love the item's style you've long gone off the colour purple - again, just let me know and if I can, I'd be happy to replace the beads with a different colour for you. Much depends on bead type and age of the product - no point in replacing very aged beads with new shiny ones and while it might be possible to age the new ones, it usually takes more time (& money) than it's worth unless a very expensive or sentimental item. I can't claim to have experience enough to deal with such items, so would respectfully suggest you look online for more qualified repairers for such a task. While I deal mainly with beaded jewellery, if you have silver jewellery needing repair I have a friend who's makes silver jewellery and may be able to help. She doesn't normally offer repairs other than for her own pieces, but may be willing to do so depending on the nature and complexity of the repair required. Again, if we can't help, we'll do our best to find you someone who can.

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