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Commission Pieces.

I sometimes get customers asking me what a Commission is and how do they go about organising to have one, so here's a quick lowdown on the concept.

Simply put, a Commission is just a request for me to create a piece especially for you, whether that's an item that's out of stock, or something based on an item in stock, or just a concept you have that you'd like to have made. Of those options, the quickest one is likely to be where you want me to provide you with a repeat of something I've already made whether that item shows on the site or not, i.e. something you've previously purchased but I no longer sell. In that case I'll most likely have residual stock to create another piece so won't be held up too much in the early stages. However, some items may still take some weeks to make. If, however, you want me to make something especially for you that I've maybe not made previously that may present some issues. Firstly, ideally I need a pattern base to make most of my jewellery items with a few rare exceptions e.g. the cupchain bracelets, so you might need to be willing to be flexible. For that reason, I normally don't take on commissions of items based on something a client has seen on TV that bears no resemblance to anything I've made up to that point. But I'll always ensure you know exactly what I'm intending on making so that you can decide whether it will suit your needs early on.

If we come to an agreement on the project then I'll put together a quote which will indicate not just

the likely cost but also the expected time frame to make it. You'll be asked to make a small non-refundable deposit to secure the Commission, but this will be taken off the final price. Again, at this stage, you still have the freedom to say it's not for you and we close the Commission request. However, if you're happy with everything, then I'll order in the stock to make the item if necessary (which can take up to 3 weeks depending on supplier as some beads are becoming harder to source or out of my own price range let alone yours!). I'll keep you informed along the way of any longer delays than were anticipated at the outset. From this point on there will be cost penalties for cancellation as some beads are specific for one project alone. But hopefully at the end of the process you'll have a unique piece of jewellery perhaps of your own imagination!

Many jewellers now offer Commissions because we all know that jewellery is so personal and often someone might see a piece they like in part so a Commission can enable them to to love in full!

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