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Taking care of jewellery.

Keeping jewellery clean can be a bit confusing sometimes, so here are some tips.

Beaded Jewellery:

I'll start with beaded jewellery as that's my main product.  Many think that such jewellery maybe doesn't need cleaning at all, but if you wear say a necklace regularly and have makeup on or skin care items that might get onto it, then over time it will become dull and not so appealing.   And the same applies to bracelets and earrings etc.

However, there is an easy way to clean even delicate items using items you'll no doubt already have at home.  You can clean knowing it's suitable for any beaded jewellery and is eco-friendly as well.

How to clean:

All you need is some mild washing up liquid – preferably a natural brand with no added colouring.  Soak your piece of jewellery for 5-10 minutes in warm water with a little dishwashing soap added. If you have filtered water handy that would suit even better.  Then using a soft toothbrush, give the item a gentle scrub.  Give the clasps a bit of a tougher scrub.

Then put the jewellery in fresh, clean water and rinse until the water remains clear with no soapy deposits.  Use a clean lint free towel (if possible) to dry the items thoroughly before wearing or storing.I always provide a jewellery cleaning cloth  with items I sell, as while they're meant more for silver rather than silver plated, they will still do an amazing job at removing tarnish from a silver plated clasp, but you do need to tackle cleaning within 2-3 weeks of wearing the item, and then repeat regularly to prevent 'fatal' tarnishing where no amount of cleaning will improve the situation.  If that happens and you'd like to keep wearing the piece, please contact me and I'll happily replace your clasps. 

Other jewellery types:

If you have silver or gold-plated jewellery and decide to clean it as above to make sure it’s dry before putting in storage especially as it will tarnish and oxidise faster in a damp environment.   Just use paper towels to dry pieces carefully or use a hairdryer on a low setting if you’re in a hurry.

As many of my items often have silver plated clasps I provide a little cleaning cloth with each order to help with cleaning any tarnish off them, and these cloths work great with silver and gold jewellery too. But should you buy a piece from me, and feel the clasp is beyond cleaning, feel free to contact me regarding a replacement.

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